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The Laserfiche® Connector for eCopy® ShareScan™

Using the LFConnector, paper documents can be scanned directly to a Laserfiche repository using your eCopy-enabled digital copier or scanner.  The LFConnector acts as a direct interface between your eCopy SSOP device and your Laserfiche document management system.  Once eCopy ShareScan is installed on your device, you can add the LFConnector in order to leverage your scanning device as a direct input mechanism to a Laserfiche repository.

Current Releases

Please refer to the chart below to find out which version of the LFConnector is right for you.

    Supported eCopy Platforms
ShareScan/ScanStation v5.4
(SP 2 or higher)
ShareScan/ScanStation v6.1
(or higher)
Simulator LFConnector v5.0.0 LFConnector v6.0.0
Team, United, Avante, Rio v10.3.x LFConnector v5.10.3 LFConnector v6.10.3
v10.2.x LFConnector v5.10.2 LFConnector v6.10.2
v10.1.x LFConnector v5.10.1 LFConnector v6.10.1