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For Your Business

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Eliminates the need for multiple scanning workstations
  • Minimize steps required to import paper and images into Laserfiche
  • Intuitive user interface mimics the behavior of the Laserfiche client, thus minimizing the learning curve

For Your IT Department

  • Fast, easy setup and administration
  • Laserfiche security is enforced
    • Authenticate using either Laserfiche or Windows credentials
    • Dynamic user interface automatically reflects unique user permissions
    • Users can neither see nor access information that is not relevant to their job function
  • The entire user experience can be predefined to suit your organization's specific needs by optionally setting default values for the following:
    • User credentials
    • Laserfiche destination
    • Laserfiche volume
    • Laserfiche template
    • Document name
  • Provides an auditing feature for basic information regarding scanning sessions
  • Supports importing images as electronic documents (PDF, CPY)
  • Presents a "live" view of the Laserfiche repository; changes made elsewhere are automatically realized at the device

For Your End Users

  • Easy to use touch screen displays virtually the same information that would be seen from a Laserfiche client
  • Perform rapid keyword searches for existing Laserfiche destinations
  • History feature allows quick access to the user's most recently used destinations
  • Create new Laserfiche folders
  • Create new Laserfiche documents
  • Append pages to existing Laserfiche documents
  • Select Laserfiche volumes and templates
  • Assign document names and template field information
  • Automatically index and OCR documents as they are committed to the Laserfiche repository