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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the main steps for upgrading an existing LFConnector Serial Number?

With a current maintenance agreement, any LFConnector Serial Number can easily be upgraded by doing the following:

  1. Using the LFConnector Licensing tab in the eCopy ShareScan OP Administration Console, highlight the Serial Number you desire.
  2. Type in the user credentials used to originally register this Serial Number on the Software Connections website and select Upgrade.
  3. The LFConnector will communicate with the online database and display a list of available product versions from which to choose.
  4. Select the appropriate version and click Ok.
  5. The selected Serial Number will be updated in the list of Activated Devices.

NOTE:  Always make sure to review all of the system requirements associated with an enhancement release of the LFConnector.  Often there is also a need to upgrade the eCopy platform, Laserfiche client, or both for the newer version of the LFConnector to work properly.

To determine if you need to upgrade your Serial Number, see the FAQ entitled When do I need to upgrade my LFConnector Serial Number?

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